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Short Term Disability

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What coverage is available?
    Our healthcare plans offer coverage for: - Medical - Dental - Vision - Accidents - Critical Illness - Disability - Life Insurance All plans are customized to your needs so you only need to enroll in what you want!
  • How do I pay for my healthcare?
    Healthcare costs are deducted from your weekly paycheck. Deductions can be viewed in your pay stubs and through Zenefits. Note: The costs advertised are the monthly rates. Your paycheck will be deducted for approximately 1/4th of the monthly rate each week.
  • Can I add my family?
    Yes! You are able to sign up for plans that include: - Just yourself - You and your spouse - You and your kids - The entire family
  • What is the cost?
    The cost for healthcare depends on which plan you select and which family members you add. The cost to you does not change based on age, location, tenure, or any other factors. Note: The costs advertised are the monthly rates.
  • Does the cost include employer contributions?
    Yes! The cost shown in the above materials is the cost to you each month.
  • Do I need to sign up for healthcare?
    Signing up for our corporate healthcare policy is completely optional. We have negotiated an affordable and high quality health plan as a perk to our team members. However, we do not require our employees to use our plan if you can find better options elsewhere. Employees who do not enroll in our corporate sponsored plan are not eligible for helathcare related stipends or reimbursements.

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